Teaching Options

WORKSHOPS | 1 – 4 hours
Brent and Maya’s circus and comedy workshops build coordination, confidence, and focus.  With professional expertise, they foster goal setting, self-directed learning, and age-appropriate skill acquisition.
These workshops are also SUPER FUN.

RESIDENCIES | 5 – 10 days
YES! Theater artist-in-residence programs harness students’ energy and creativity to create original circus acts, clown gags, and stories.  To conclude the program, the community comes together for a fantastic student-generated performance.


Programs can be customized for grades K – 8, and from 1 to 10 days.

In a 5-day program, we conclude the residency with an all-school showcase, with each group presenting elements of what they worked on.  As a general rule, older grades present circus and juggling props, human pyramids and individual clown pieces.  Younger grades present ensemble skits in which the entire class performs as a group.

In a 10-day program, we spend the first week laying the foundation with skills and theater exercises.  Then, we spend the second week creating a student-driven performance that takes place on the final evening.  It is a community-building event, where families attend, the students add their own artwork, and we often surprise the students with a Faculty Act.

Sample Curriculum

Group Dynamics – Communication, Permission, Taking Risks

With a variety of theater games, creative activities and ensemble exercises, we develop simple skills so often overlooked: eye-contact, active listening, risk-taking and emotional awareness. We get to know your students and we facilitate discussions about the activities as we go.

Circus Skills – Balance, Coordination, Teamwork, Incremental Goals

Our aim with balance and juggling props is to get each student excited about practicing, learning, and succeeding at a specific physical task. We teach a variety of skills – Human Pyramids, Scarf, Ring, Contact, and Beanbag Juggling, Plate Spinning, Object Balancing, Devil Sticks, Diabolo, Unicycle & Rolling Globe – so that everyone can find something to enjoy.

Narrative Development – Emotions, Mime, Slapstick, Classic Clown 

Human beings are natural storytellers, and we build upon students’ knowledge and understanding of narrative structure to create funny new skits.  Using simple theater exercises, students quickly generate and share their own comic creations.  Then as an audience we practice giving positive and constructive feedback.

Performance – Accomplishment, Stage Presence, Empathy

All students have the chance to perform throughout our programs. From a simple trick or mime piece to interacting with one another in the context of an improv game, everyone has a chance to be in the spotlight. Our exercises purposefully generate a sense of compassion and empathy.

Past Residencies

Coventry Elementary – Coventry, VT
Craftsbury Academy – Craftsbury, VT
North Country Junior High School – Derby, VT

Vergennes Elementary – Vergennes, VT
North Country Junior High School – Derby, VT
Coventry Elementary – Coventry, VT
Gilman Elementary – Gilman, VT

Weathersfield School – Ascutney, VT
Franklin Elementary School – Keene, NH

The Village School – Royalston, MA
Cannon Elementary – Cannon, VT
Troy Elementary – Troy, VT
Lyndon Institute – Lyndonville, VT
Family Learning Center – Morrisville, VT
North Country Junior High School – Derby, VT
Isleboro Summer Programs – Isleboro, ME

Glover Elementary – Glover, VT
Jay/Westfield Elementary – Jay, VT
Addison Central – Addison, VT
East Montpelier Elementary – East Montpelier, VT

North Country Junior High School – Derby, VT
Weathersfield Elementary – Ascutney, VT
Clermont Elementary – Alexandria, VA
Orleans Elementary – Orleans, VT
Lake Region High School After School – Barton, VT

JFK School – Winooski, VT
Craftsbury Academy – Craftsbury, VT
Longfellow School – Portland, ME
After-School Reach Program – Hardwick, VT