Sample Curriculum

Group Dynamics – Communication, Permission, Taking Risks

With a variety of theater games, creative activities and ensemble exercises, we develop simple skills so often overlooked: eye-contact, active listening, risk-taking and emotional awareness. We get to know your students and we facilitate discussions about the activities as we go.

Circus Skills – Balance, Coordination, Teamwork, Incremental Goals

Our aim with balance and juggling props is to get each student excited about practicing, learning, and succeeding at a specific physical task. We teach a variety of skills – Human Pyramids, Scarf, Ring, Contact, and Beanbag Juggling, Plate Spinning, Object Balancing, Devil Sticks, Diabolo, Unicycle & Rolling Globe – so that everyone can find something to enjoy.

Narrative Development – Emotions, Mime, Slapstick, Classic Clown 

Human beings are natural storytellers, and we build upon students’ knowledge and understanding of narrative structure to create funny new skits.  Using simple theater exercises, students quickly generate and share their own comic creations.  Then as an audience we practice giving positive and constructive feedback.

Performance – Accomplishment, Stage Presence, Empathy

All students have the chance to perform throughout our programs. From a simple trick or mime piece to interacting with one another in the context of an improv game, everyone has a chance to be in the spotlight. Our exercises purposefully generate a sense of compassion and empathy.